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1. Spine Fin™ coil is constructed of thousands of tiny spines bonded to continuous all-aluminum refrigerant tubing, which provides more surface area, adding greater heat transfer capabilities and more effectiveness over time.

2. Two-speed fan motor operates quietly so noise levels are kept to a minimum.

3. Steel louvered panels are designed to protect the coil from leaves, hail and damaging elements.

4. Baked-on paint coating on the louvers won’t scratch and prevents rust and corrosion

5. Durabase™ basepan is made from a durable composite material that won’t crack, warp, corrode or rust.

6. Easy-Sess™ service access panels protect all electrical and refrigerant controls with a side panel that can be quickly removed for installation or service.

7. Duration™ compressor is the heart of the system. With an oversized, heavy steel outer shell, an epoxy-sealed heavy duty motor, and a unique valve design, our compressors will stand up to the harshest elements for years to come.

8. SermaGuard™ rust resistant screws resist against rust and corrosion.

9. Compressor sound insulators reduce noise for quieter operation.

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Energy Star® qualified. The Allegiance® 14 exceeds the minimum efficiency designated by the EPA for Energy Star® recognition.

10-Year Warranty
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