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Packaged Units • Air Conditioners • TCY Super Efficiency

1. Duration™ compressor is tested for quality assurance. We go to great lengths to ensure compressor and system quality.

2. Porcelain-like powder paint covers the surface uniformly increasing protection from rust and corrosion.

3. Variable speed indoor blower starts at a slower, more efficient speed than conventional blowers. This design reduces short-cycling, and improves home comfort.

4. Side electrical connection for easy installation.

5. DuraTuff™ outdoor plate fin coil is extra large with internally enhanced copper tubing and provides higher efficiency and more heating and cooling capability.

6. Corrosion resistant screws resist rust and eliminates rust marks on the cabinet.

7. High efficiency fan and trim ring grille is designed for high performance and lasting good looks.

8. Internally insulated cabinet with foil faced insulation reduces heating and cooling losses and blower noise and is easy to clean.

9. Centrifugal blower means more air with less noise.

Not shown
Exclusive: Water-shed system, a no-leak, one-piece base pan for rust prevention.
Side-by-side air discharge is designed for easy installation.
Sloped drain pan for more complete condensate drainage.

10 Year Warranty
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