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Outdoor • Heat Pumps • Heritage® 11

1. The recessed fan grille, along with the cabinet's rounded corners and "no-snag" edges, make the Heritage® 11 safe for any back yard.

2. Baked-on powder paint protects the cabinet from scratches, rust and corrosion and assures your unit won't show its age.

3. Weather-resistant screws resist rust and corrosion and prevent ugly rust streaks on the cabinet.

4. Full-side louvered panels are designed to protect the coil from weed-whackers, lawn mowers, leaves, hail and other damaging elements.

5. The Duration™ compressor is tough enough to withstand the constant demands of cooling your home year after year.

6. All aluminum Spine Fin™ coil construction has a greater surface area which leads to greater heat transfer capabilities. This patented design is unbeatable in providing retained efficiency over time.

7. All electrical and refrigerant controls are safely tucked away under a side panel that can be quickly removed for installation or service.

10-Year Warranty
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