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1. Spine Fin™ coil is constructed of thousands of tiny spines bonded to continuous all-aluminum refrigerant tubing, which provides more surface area, adding greater heat transfer capabilities and more effectiveness over time.

2. Swept fan blade and single-speed motor comprise American Standard's quietest single-speed system. And, the system conserves energy for lower cost operation.

3. Steel louvered panels are designed to protect the coil from leaves, hail and damaging elements.

4. Baked-on paint coating on the louvers won’t scratch and prevents rust and corrosion.

5. Durabase™ basepan is made from a durable composite material that won’t crack, warp, corrode or rust.

6. Easy-Sess™ service access panels protect all electrical and refrigerant controls with a side panel that can be quickly removed for installation or service.

7. Duration™ compressor is the heart of the system. With an oversized, heavy steel outer shell, an epoxy-sealed heavy duty motor, and a unique valve design, our compressors will stand up to the harshest elements for years to come.

8. SermaGuard™ rust resistant screws resist against rust and corrosion.

9. Compressor sound insulators reduce noise for quieter operation.

Not shown
Electronic demand defrost eliminates unnecessary defrost cycles for energy savings and longer compressor life.

Energy Star® qualified. The Heritage® 15 exceeds the minimum efficiency designated by the EPA for Energy Star® recognition.

10-Year Warranty
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